Slot Machine Classic Slots

Who needs all those new fancy slot machines? You pull, it spins and YOU WIN! Nothing more.

Cheapo Casino Games 13 Games Of Chance

Slot Machine, Video Poker, Keno, BlackJack, Horse Racing, Casino War, Three Card Monte...I can't even list them all.

Casino War Really Cheap Games

You know how to flip a coin, guess a hand or win by flipping one card right? Our games are the easiest in any casino!

Keno Machine Many Machines

If you like to hit buttons we have a Slot Machine, Keno Machine, BlackJack Machine and Video Poker Machine. Try your luck!

Reviews and Press

  • This game is seriously addicting and just the right amound of fun, like casino on another level.


  • It's a fun and addicting game! One of the best casino games I've played.


  • This game is really entertaining and simple. Overall I give it 4/5 stars.


  • I was hooked after the first game, very addicting. I will recommend it to all my friends.


  • I find myself constantly trying to beat my score every time I play. This is a very fun and addicting game!


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